Curtain injection

Curtain injection is also referred to as screen injection. It is applied mainly with the aim of sealing a structure without the need to conduct digging or to install or restore horizontal or vertical preventative waterproofing systems at the joint between the structure and soil. This method involves drilling a set of holes in the repaired element (holes are drilled from the inside of the structure, through its whole thickness) and pumping e.g. acrylic resin into the area/joint between the structure and soil surrounding it. After its fast setting injection material becomes a screen or curtain and starts protecting the structure effectively against infiltration of water. Curtain injection works well especially in the case of underground car parks, tunnels, underground passages and in situations when the object cannot be put out of operation or doing it would be highly cost-consuming. The advantages of curtain injection is high efficiency and low cost of application. For more details go to injections in construction industry or injections in geoengineering.