Stabilization of the ground / floor

Soil stabilization and sealing by injection is performed in order to strenghten and seal soil/rock substrate. Such operation prevents e.g. settlement of soil, which can lead to an accident or a construction disaster. Soil stabilization is executed mainly in hardly accessible areas od application, where accumulation of heavy machinery is impossible due to technical or economic reasons. In such situations injection replaces jet grouting effectively. It is inseparably linked with terms such as deep foundations, microtunneling, strengthening embankments and excavation pits. Broad range of injection materials and equipment allows for quick selection of an effective technology, tackling causes and consequences of an accident. We specialize in stabilization of soils by injection, i.a. in stabilization of structure underpinning (heads, foundations, bottom slabs), stabilization of slabs and floors, improvement of load-bearing capacity of soil – soil consolidation, filling voids and caverns – foundation underpinning, soil sealing – anti-filtration barriers in soil, stabilization of quick sand. For more details go injections in geoengineering.