Injections in geoengineering

  • strengthening and waterproofing injections in specialist underground structures and in geoengineering,
  • in wet and dry conditions
  • earth structures, foundations, tunnels, environmental engineering
  • strengthening loose soils
  • underpinning and protection of excavation pits
  • injection piles
  • rock stabilization, injection of joints and cracks
  • subsequent sealing by injection
  • seizure of harmful substances
  • protection of areas contaminated due to industrial activity
  • masonry injection
  • filling underground voids where durability plays vital role
  • filling annular space (e.g. relining)
  • lifting and strengthening concrete road slabs
  • securing buildings against settling
  • sealing steel sheet piles, tunnel rings and other structures
  • soil stabilization by injection
    • stabilization of soil at the foundation structures (abutments, foundations, bottom slabs)
    • stabilization of floors and slabs
    • improving load-bearing capacity of soils – soil consolidation
    • filling voids and caverns – foundation underpinning
    • cut-off walls – anti-filtration barriers and removal of quick sand
Stabilization and sealing of soils by injection is performed to strengthen and seal soil and rock substrate. It prevents i.a. land subsidence, which may lead to failures or even construction disasters. Soils stabilization is performed mainly in the case of not easily accessible sites, where introducing heavy machinery is impossible due to technical and economic limitations. In such cases injection is used successfully as a substitute of jet grouting technology. It is essential when speaking of deep foundations, microtunneling, strengthening of slopes or excavation pits. Broad range of injection materials and of injection equipment allows for quick selection of effective technology and elimination of the cause and results of a failure.

Technical data sheet of the service

SITE underground structures, road structures, hydropower structures, wastewater management structures residential buildings, industrial structures, publicly accessible buildings, deep excavations, diaphragm walls, sheet pile walls, pile retaining walls, microtunneling, anti-filtration barriers in soils, improving load-bearing capacity of soil, soil stabilization, removal of quick sand
COMPLETION TIME adjusted to the schedule and the expectations of the investor, dependent on the complexity of works
MATERIAL concrete mix, cement slurries, fine cement suspensions, bentonite-based materials, silica resins, acrylic resins, polyurethane resins, foamed concrete etc.
TECHNOLOGY low-pressure injection, high-pressure injection, jet grouting, contact injection (injection in the contact zone between of foundation and soil surrounding it), structural injection, compaction grouting, void filling by injection, anti-filtration barriers
ADVANTAGES elimination of risks which may lead to construction disasters, restoring functionality of building structures, stabilization of building structures, soil stabilization, soil sealing, possibility of utilizing in environments of various water inflow, achieving expected resistance in short time, good waterproofing and gasproofing properties, sealing excavation pits, possibility of combining with „Long Distance Pumping” (LDP) – (injection materials and pump at 5000 m from the place of application).