Constructing wastewater management structures

We specialize also in the construction of wastewater management structures, e.g. tanks, settling tanks, reactors, sludge dehydration stations, closed digestion chambers, separate digestion chambers etc. In this area we offer widely understood consulting – from the design to the implementation. When constructing we use exclusively products provided by renowned producers and with long-term guarantee.

Technical data sheet of the service

SITE sanitary sewage system, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, sludge dehydration stations etc.
COMPLETION TIME adjusted to the schedule and the expectations of the investor, dependent on the complexity of works
MATERIAL dependent on the soil conditions and selected solution
TECHNOLOGY adjusted the type of erected structure, soil conditions and the investor’s expectations (starting from design and substrate preparation, up to actual construction of the structure and submitting post-completion protocol)
ADVANTAGES improvement of efficiency and safety of wastewater management as well as its development, ability to realize desing-and-build projects