Renovation of industrial structures

The offer of renovations and modernizations performed on constructions put in operation is directed mostly at water and sewage companies as well as individual customers. We have got 10 years of experience on sites around Poland and Europe. We guarantee long-term results and timely execution of the ordered works.

Among others:

» Repairs and renovations of sewage tanks, which are particularly exposed to harmful chemicals. Repairs involve detailed analysis of the extent of damage of the tank and selection of optimal repair technology, which will guarantee effective solution of the problem. We analyze also the degree of contamination of the tank with chemicals.
» The need for repairs and renovations of manholes arises from wear, damages and exposure to chemicals. A properly executed renovation protects them against harmful agents (such as gases and waste water)


Protection and repair of building structures

  • repair of concrete and reinforced concrete structures by using technologies of PCC and SPCC reprofiling by manual or spray application
  • shotcrete – sprayed concrete
  • anticorrosive treatment and hydrophobization of concrete
  • strengthening structures with tapes and carbon fiber reinforced composites
  • strengthening and stitching masonry structures
  • application of specialist chemical resistant coatings for all types of loadings, e.g.
    • open tanks and sewers
    • process vessels
    • firefighting water tanks
    • tanks for drinking water, raw water and process water
    • closed pressure vessels and digestion chambers
  • execution of resin-based floors and pathways for all types of loadings
  • repair of industrial floors
  • waterproofing of foundations (mineral coatings, seamless and rolled bituminous etc.)
  • waterproofing of tanks (swimming pools, firefighting tanks etc.)
  • drying of buildings (basements, underground car parks etc.)

Repair and rehabilitation of sewer manholes and chambers, man-accessible sewers etc.

  • repair and rehabilitation of drainage manholes with trenchless methods
  • resetting manhole frames and covers
  • application of resin-based composites
  • trenchless rehabilitation of sewer systems
  • cleaning and TV inspections of existing installations

Technical data sheet of the service

SITE municipal sewage system, sewage treatment plants, sewage pumping stations, closed digestion chambers, sludge dehydration stations, man-accessible sewers, sewer manholes and chambers, primary settling tanks, secondary settling tanks, grit chambers
COMPLETION TIME completion within the shortest possible time (working the night shifts, downtimes), and according to the schedule of works as well as the characteristics of operation of active facilities
MATERIAL waterproofing materials, membranes, remedial materials, broad range of injection materials – designed for use in the above listed facilities, fast-setting remedial materials
TECHNOLOGY stabilization the repaired structure (stabilization of soil at the underpinning of structure), substrate preparation (sandblasting, hydroblasting and hydrocleaning), spray application of reprofiling/repair mortars, spray application of protective coatings/chemical resistant coatings for all types of loadings), spray application of polyurea, application of resin-based composites, shotcreeting, repair of pipelines and sewers with trenchless method – resin-based sewer liner, executing works without interruption of the operation of the repaired structure during works, pumping wastewater (temporary pumping stations and pipelines), by pass, using remedial systems and technologies which allow for fast/immediate introduction of the medium (wastewater, sludge etc.) into the repaired structure, trenchless technology (erecting new structures on the ones already put in operation, fast replacement pipelines, fast dismantling and disposal of the removed structures)
ADVANTAGES tackling of emergency condition at the above mentioned sites, improvement of safety during maintenance and of users, prevention against further damage, restoration of the primary functionality of the sites, restoration of tightness, enhancement of site’s capacity, protection of the structure against aggressive working environment, meeting special ecological requirements concerning sewage system structures, avoiding necessity for open-cut/open-pit works, maintaining undisturbed operations of the structure/system of structures, undisrupted sewage treatment by e.g. sewage treatment plants/ pumping stations