Preventative waterproofing

Preventative waterproofing includes waterproofing (the so called hydroinsulation), damp proofing, thermal insulation and other types of insualtion. Insulation is separation of two different environments (most often one of them has neagtive effect on the other) by way of insulator. The insulator prevents the two environments from unwanted migration of one into another and vice versa. Construction company COVER specializes in application of waterproofing and damp proofing. Our many years of experiens, approved construction chemicals, and highly qualified team guarantees effective solution of Your problem.

Our services include:

  • protection and repair of power industry structures

  • waterproofing and repair of hydropower and bridge structures

  • building industrial structures

  • soil stabilization through soil injection

  • chemical resistant coatings

  • industrial floors for all types of loadings

  • waterproofing and repairs involving injection

  • repair of existing insulation, dwells and sewers with trenchless methods