Repair and protection of building structures

We provide a broad range of services in the area of protection and repair of building structures. We offer repairs of concrete and reinforced concrete structures using technologies of PCC and SPCC reprofiling by manual or spray application, shotcreting, anticorrosive treatment and hydrophobization of concrete, strengthening structures with tapes and carbon fiber reinforced composites, strengthening and stitching masonry structures, application of specialist chemical resistant coatings for all types of loadings (e.g. open tanks and sewers, process vessels, firefighting water tanks, tanks for drinking water, raw water and process water, closed pressure vessels and digestion chambers). Apart from that we execute resin-based floors and pathways for all types of loadings, waterproofing of fundations (mineral coatings, seamless and rolled bituminous etc.), waterproofing of tanks (swimming pools, firefighting tanks etc.), drying of buildings (basements, underground car parks etc.). We perform repairs of industrial floors, drainage manholes with trenchless methods, we reset manhole frames and covers, we apply resin-based composites. For more details go to References.