Iniection is a procedure of remote introduction of pumpable medium (injection material) into desired environment aiming at its waterproofing or strenghtening by harnessing the parameters of the injection material once it cures/sets. One can distinguish between low‑, medium- and high-pressure injection. This method involves pumping an adequate injection material under pressure through previously drilled injection holes. Injection is a non-invasive technology, it allows for elimination of causes and effects of a failure without the need to demolish elements of building structures, to perform difficult and disruptive digging activities, or to put the renovated structures out of operation.

Examples of possible applications: undergound structures (tunnels, ducts, underground tanks, collectors, collection chambers), industrial structures (tanks, closed tanks, tray clarifiers, process water tanks), residential and publicly accessible buildings (underground parts of the listed types of structures, multi-level car parks, firefighting water tanks, flat roofs, terraces, balconies), civil engineering (bridges, railway overpassess, retaining walls, bridgeheads, weirs).

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