Purchase of a hydromonitoring machine


New equipment appeared in our ranks! We present Falch 2500 for hydromonitoring – effective removal of soiled surfaces and solid dirt with the help of water fed under high pressure.

Hydromonitoring is a technique for cleaning dirty surfaces and old dirt using water fed under high pressure using a specialized device – a monitor. Hydromonitors are devices that compress water to very high pressure (over 300 bar or 30 MPa or 4531 PSI).

The technique of monitoring is used for cleaning buildings made of concrete, brick or stone, without prejudice to the surface being cleaned. This technique will effectively clean the object.

Examples of application of hydromonitoring:

– removing old paints, graffiti

– removing cement debris from concrete and bitumen, bituminous coatings or corrosion

– cleaning construction machines, steel surfaces (including scaffolding, formwork, pipes), tanks, etc.

– cleaning of road equipment

– removal of rubberized coatings

– removal of horizontal markings

– preparation of concrete for coatings

Hydromonitoring is an effective alternative to hydropanishing or dry sandblasting. The advantages of this method are very wide. Above all, only water is necessary to carry out the work. Dirt is removed efficiently and quickly and safely for health, as we eliminate possible dust and chemical fumes.

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