The Stabiltrak resin application workshop, organized by Cover Technologies

Cover Technologies, the exclusive distributor of Stabiltrak 101 and Stabiltrak 102 technologies in Poland, organized a two-part workshop on December 4th and 5th for the participants of the conference in Zakopane, of using an innovative method of stabilizing stone ballast . The training was conducted by the only certified specialists in Stabiltrak 101 and 102 technologies in Poland.

During the training, participants gained professional knowledge and specific skills. The program included, among others:

  • presentation and discussion of materials and equipment necessary to perform stabilization

  • presentation of the track model together with the application of Stabiltrak 101 and Stabiltrak 102 resins

  • discussion of health and safety rules that should be followed during application

  • workshop part – everyone tried their own skills.

The workshops were very popular – the participants rated them as very substantive. Cover Technologies is already planning the next editions of which you will be informed.

We invite you to watch the video from workshops:

And masters’ presentations:
2) Radoslaw Grunwald –  Bonding of rail bedding>>
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