VIII Scientific and Technical Conference in Jelenia Góra


On 13-14.10.2016 we participated in the 8th Science and Technology Conference, in Jelenia Gora on “Problems of construction and repair of the railway subgrade”, organized by the Association of Polish Engineers and Technicians – Branch in Wroclaw and Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Water Construction, Cathedral of Mosty and Railway, under the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction. And with the support of companies: Trakcja PRKiI and BTW- Bahntechnik Wrocław and: Budimex, Strunbet, MC-Bauchemie, GRAW, ViaCon and COVER. Media patronage was taken over by the “Communication Review”.

Over 90 participants from Higher Universities, PKP PLK SA, project offices and companies cooperating with PKP PLK SA participated in the conference. Twelve papers and four presentations of companies were presented in five sessions. The conference materials were published in the monthly “Przegląd Komunikacyjny” no. 10/2016 and 11/2016. From the lectures and discussions held, a number of general and specific conclusions adopted and accepted by the Conference participants at the end of the meeting were drawn.

The most important conclusions:

– the use of increased funds for the maintenance of railways would allow significant investment savings in situations where deficiencies in maintenance, especially subgrade, result in extensive damage and the need to limit train speeds

– monitoring of railway construction can be significantly automated

– the recommended multi-stage realization of the geotechnical identification of the subgrade is indicated but rarely implemented

– redirection of AHM800 R-PL to operational tasks allows successive restoration of full operational properties of the surface with concrete foundations

– selection of geotextile parameters should depend on their purpose and functions to be fulfilled, because depending on the type of fibers used and the manufacturing process geotextiles are characterized by different properties

– the track bed deformation index does not allow an accurate assessment of the land compaction index and the materials of the real railway subgrade

– if the railway track rests on local uneven ground conditions, we observe a change in track support conditions

– the results of numerical analyzes of communication between earthworks and mining ground indicate important principles of construction prophylaxis

– The Experimental Track is the only track system in Poland that has been satisfying research needs in real operational conditions for 20 years. It allows for a significant reduction of testing time, which results in faster evaluation of products and, therefore, faster implementation of them into operation. Unfortunately, the cost of such tests is very high.

– in the coming years, Polish cities will carry out extensive renovation and reconstruction of the rail and tram transport infrastructure.

The need for new guidelines for the design, construction and maintenance of tram tracks, which has been raised for many years, should consider the issues of the substructure much more than it is in the current guidelines.


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