XVth Jubilee Scientific and Technical Conference “Modern technologies and management systems in rail transport”


On December 30 – December 2, 2016 at the Mercure Kasprowy Zakopane Hotel, the fifteenth – jubilee edition of the National Scientific and Technical Conference “Modern technologies and management systems in rail transport” was held. The conference was organized by the Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Republic of Poland Branch in Krakow with the participation of the National Railway Section of SITK RP, Cracow University of Technology – Department of Railway and Air Transport Infrastructure, PKP Polish Railway Lines of S.A., Małopolska District Chamber of Civil Engineers in Krakow. The COVER company was also invited.


The event was held under the Honorary Patronage, which was taken over by: Andrzej Adamczyk – Minister of Infrastructure and Construction; Ignacy Góra – President of the Railway Transport Office; Józef Pilch – Lesser Poland Voivode; Jacek Krupa – Marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodship; Mirosław Pawłowski – President of the Management Board of PKP SA; Ireneusz Merchel – President of the Board of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A .; Adam Wielądek – Honorary President of UIC; Andrzej Gołaszewski – Honorary President of SITK RP Senior; Janusz Dyduch – President of the Association of Polish Engineers and Technicians of Communication.

The subject of modern technologies in the design, construction, maintenance, diagnostics and operation of railway infrastructure and rolling stock for transporting people and goods was discussed. The perspectives from 2007 – 2013 and the state of progress of the work of the 2014-2020 perspective have been summarized. The discussion focused on the development of rail transport in agglomerations, as well as certification and release of structural subsystems for use. The subject of modern models of infrastructure management (asset management) was also taken up. As in previous years, discussions on the condition of rail transport infrastructure and current problems and ways of solving them were discussed.

The conference gathered as many as 480 people. The participants of the conference were representatives of the companies of the PKP SA Group, the University, the Railway Institute, design, production and implementation companies from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Finland dealing with the issues of implementing new technologies on the railway.